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Safety is the utmost necessity while driving. Out of many safety devices on a car, brakes are probably the most vital. Thermal stress is constantly produced in the brake region, leading to rust and cracks on the brake discs. Discs also get affected when the brake pads become old and scars are developed on their surface.

Clutch is another vital car component that you use when changing gears. Generally, people cannot notice the clutch problems as easy as other car issues. Still, whenever you hear any grinding noise while changing gears or experience signs like increasing revs (revolutions per minute), you must get a clutch repair. Other problems you may notice include clutch pedal falling on the floor, clutch fluid loss, or clutch slips while driving.

Best Brake and Clutch Repair in Perth

Such problems can reduce the overall capacity of the brakes. Whenever you notice these issues, you should visit experts like us and get a top-quality car brake repair.

We have a team of specially trained mobile mechanics who can offer you the best service according to your needs. We recommend getting brakes service for your car at regular intervals even if you do not face major problems.

Our Brake & Clutch Repair Services Includes

Among the brakes services, we offer the following.

brake pad replacement
Car brake replacement

You can replace your car’s brake pad and brake shoe under the replacement services.

brake fluid replacement
Inspection of different parts

Our experts will check the other features like callipers, service slides, brake fluid, etc. They will also inspect the wheel bearings and make adjustments wherever required.

auto brake repair
Cleaning service

It is an essential auto brake repair service that our experts offer. If the disc motor requires cleaning, our experts will do it for you, and they will even check if there is any wearing issue or not.

car brake repair
Test vehicle

They will also perform a road test of the car and inspect whether the brake is operating correctly.

car brake replacement
Replacement service

Like brakes, our experts will also replace the clutch components if required on both front and back wheel drives. They can also replace clutch and pressure plate and clutch bearing.

brake specialists
Inspection service

They will inspect the flywheel. This device is installed in a machine and used to maximise the machine’s momentum to give more stability.

car brakes service
Other services

We also provide services for the master cylinder, slave cylinder, and clutch cable.

front brake replacement

Choose Mobile Mechanic Perth For Best Car Brake Replacement And Clutch Repair Services

If you’re in Perth and wondering where is one of the best brake repair shops near me, we are ready to assist you. The reasons why we are the best are –

1. We do not compromise on quality while providing services. Our brake specialists are skilled, experience and on top of that, they will prioritise clients’ needs

2. While servicing your car, we will make sure it is done according to the make and model. And this service perhaps rates us the best. Be it Volkswagen or BMW; we offer equal treatment.

3. The three pillars of our service are quality, reliability, and honesty. Our experts will never misguide you and tell you the exact service or repair your car needs.

4. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. And offering the best customer satisfaction is one of the most beneficial features of our service.

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