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Have you recently bought a car? Then routine inspections and regular examination would be necessary. Irrespective of its age and conditions, our expert technicians can provide you with a comprehensive inspection service. You can also get your vehicle inspected if you want to feel comfortable before your new car’s warranty expires. Checking various parts is also beneficial for people who want to sell the car to a prospective buyer or go for a long drive.

If you buy a used car, you should first get the best mobile car inspection before you eventually buy it. This step will help you save a big amount of money and give you greater peace of mind regarding such a huge investment.

The Best Mobile Inspection In Perth

We are a Perth-based mobile car mechanic company that specialises in various car services and repairs. In general, all of our mobile vehicle inspections go through a detailed 62-point inspection. Our mechanics are qualified and have years of experience. They will give you a detailed report after each review, which will provide you with a general idea about the current mechanical condition of your car. Here’s a quick look at our services:

Our Mobile Car Inspection Services

Under our mobile car inspection service, we offer a range of solutions. Some of them include:

mobile vehicle inspections
Comprehensive inspections

Mobile inspection is available for the pre-purchase of a car. Under the thorough inspection, our experts will carry out over 250 checks and 3-5 km road test. In the end, the report that we will provide you is considered as the most detailed one across Australia. It will cover as many as five pages, thus providing you with the confidence you will need to purchase a vehicle.

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Mechanical inspections

Mobile inspection for mechanical faults must be done, especially for a used car. Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts will minutely check all the essential car parts like gearbox, motor, driveline, differential line, brakes, clutches, etc. and then provide a report. This report will include a detailed analysis of the car’s mechanical health. It will also help you decide whether to buy the car or not.

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Body inspections

The body of the car is another integral part. Examination of the body and chassis will consist of a thorough safety check of the complete vehicle body. Even if there is any damage, we will fix it.

mobile vehicle inspection service

Choose Mobile Mechanic Perth For Best Mobile Auto Inspection Services

While going to buy a used car, you can face many questions and confusions – which type to buy, where to buy, how to buy, hidden costs, how to know the functioning of all the mechanical and electrical systems in the car, etc. Even buying a used car can lead to massive investment, and thus it should never be wasted. All these questions and confusions have just one solution – a well-organised mobile vehicle inspection service.

You may be amazed to learn this fact that the configuration and the type of the tyres can give a lot of insights about the owner, their techniques of taking care, and how many times the car had been sent for a mobile auto inspection. You can carry out several checks on your own that can save you lots of money and a significant amount of time.

We have a mobile auto inspection team, so you do not need to bring the car to our workshop. Instead, our mechanic can visit your place and inspect the car. So, whenever you require an inspection service, leave us a mail or give us a call. Our team would be right there to offer the desired service!

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