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Do you know what a timing belt does? Simple. It keeps the time on track. But, if it stops functioning correctly, it will not keep the time, and this situation may lead to several problems in your car’s functioning. First, the engine synchronisation can get affected, which may, in turn, damage the piston or cause something worse than that. But how can you detect if there are any problems in the timing belt? Well, there are several apparent signs of an issue arise: cracking, wearing down edges, elongation, or stripping teeth.

Timing Belt Service Perth

When you contact us for mobile belt service, our technicians will follow the conventional way of checking the problem. They will first inspect the belt that usually remains protected inside a cover placed under the car hood. If you get your timing belt checked regularly, you can avoid greater disasters by knowing the problems earlier, because if your timing belt entirely breaks, significant damage can be caused to your car.

Most manufacturers advise replacing a timing belt after your car covered a distance between 60000 km and 100000 km. However, when it comes to repairing this component, you surely need the help of skilled experts. At Mobile Mechanic Perth, our technicians will not only repair the timing chain but also keep monitoring its condition.

Our Timing Belt Services

Timing belt change is required whenever it breaks because it can lead to all sorts of damages to the vehicle’s engine. There are many reasons behind a belt failure, even though many cars can run for several consecutive years with the timing belt remaining intact. For example, a timing belt can break due to leaking water pumps, faulty belt hardware, improper tension, or getting soaked in the engine oil. Any of these reasons will lead to timing belt replacements at regular intervals.

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Identifying the correct time for belt replacement

Generally, a car timing belt requires replacement every five years. But, your car may need it more often. So, it is always better to contact and discuss with our experts if you are confused about your driving belt replacement timing.

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Timing belt inspection

While inside the car, can you see the timing belt easily? Well, you cannot, because a plastic or metal cover might be placed over it. Thus, it will be more practical if you call our experts to check your car’s timing belt conditions.

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Choose Mobile Mechanic Perth For Best Timing Belt Replacement Services

Timing belt failure can lead to various kinds of damages to the vehicle’s engine, as we have already stated. After it breaks, you may look for available timing belt repair shops near your place. However, it may cost you a huge sum if you do not reach the correct workshop. So, we recommend you to be very organised and satisfy all the maintenance requirements of your vehicle.

If you contact us for the necessary timing belt replacement, we will assign you our best timing chain specialist, who will get it replaced and give you valuable suggestions on how to take care of it. They can carry out a thorough inspection of the belt and tell you what has happened.

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