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We are a Perth-based mobile car servicing company that offers exclusive car diagnostic services. From the first day of our foundation, we focused on changing the dynamics of mechanic services. In the past, you would have taken your car for repair to a shop. But, now, with our top-rated mobile mechanic service, you need not come to your shop. You can just sit back and relax at your home, and our technicians can visit your car and perform all the services.

We had started by offering services for minor repairs, brake repairs, and others. Still, over the years, we invested a lot to extend our assistance to transmission repairs, pre-purchase inspections, and auto engine diagnostics.

Engine Diagnostic Servicing Perth

If you experience any unexpected issue with your car, like the engine light remaining on, or any warning light, you should give us a call. Our team will visit your car and inspect the whole body to find what has happened. We use high-quality diagnostic equipment and the most advanced technology to scan the vehicle, diagnose the problem, and fix the engine issue. Many people attempt to resolve the issues independently using different tools and codes, but it may lead to severe damage.

Our Engine Diagnostic Services Include?

Whenever a fault occurs on the engine, it may cost huge because it usually takes a lot of time to find the reason for the fault. And as we put our customers first, we understand this problem. At Mobile Mechanic Perth, we have a team of expert technicians who will use the most advanced high technological scan tool, testing equipment featured with a unique on-board diagnostics system for electrical and engine diagnostics purposes. You will get the following car engine diagnostic services.

  1. They can help you when the engine light remains switched on.
  2. If the vehicle does not run smoothly and misfires, your car should get the proper engine diagnostics.
  3. If the vehicle doesn’t start at all, it indicates that the engine needs to be repaired.

In addition to these engine diagnostic services, our company offers other benefits, too. These include brake repairs, timing belt repairs, logbook services, standard services, general mechanical repairs, pre-purchase inspection, transmission services, repairs, etc. So, apart from the engine, if you notice any problems with brakes, tyres, oil filters, exhaust system, timing belts, you can contact us anytime.

car engine diagnostic services

Choose Mobile Mechanic Perth For Best Engine Diagnostic Services

Since our inception, we have grown to become one of the best mobile servicing companies around Perth. But, despite our significant and rapid growth, we never forget our core business values. Perhaps, that is why people give positive feedback for the service they get for a car diagnostic test. These core values are:

100% Transparency

We do not hide anything from any of our clients. We firmly believe in open and honest communication and understanding.

Building trust among customers

We treat our customers as family and always look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with them.


We focus on maintaining the highest ethics not only professionally but also personally, without making any compromise on honesty.

Diagnostic services that reveal everything your engine needs. Check your car now!

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